Cadet Information

Always remember, when you wear the Air Cadet uniform, you are representing 777 Neptune Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as a whole. Make sure to look your best and be on your best behaviour. Unprofessional deportment such as chewing gum, slouching, hands in pockets, smoking, walking hand-in-hand, and other physical displays of affection are unacceptable at any Cadet activity or while wearing the Air Cadet uniform.

Cadet Attendance

Cadet Attendance Phone Call: 777 Neptune Squadron is active from September to June, and meets each Wednesday evening from 6:15pm to 9:15pm at Ecole des Pionniers de Maillardville in Port Coquitlam. All cadets should receive an attendance phone call each Monday evening. This phone call is to confirm their attendance for the Wednesday Parade night. …

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Cadet Chain of Command

The following chart shows the general Cadet Chain of Command, and the Parade Appointments that each Senior Cadet holds.   Cadet Chain of Command and Parade Appointments Position Rank Symbol Rank and Name   Squadron Commander WO1 Situ Squadron Deputy Commander WO2  Squadron Warrant Officers WO2  WO2  Squadron Adjutant WO2    #1 Flight Commander WO2 …

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777 Neptune RCACS Crest (thumbnail)

Cadet Flights – Current

 1. Lightning Flight   2. Lancaster Flight   3. Arcturus Flight   4. Cobra Flight   5. Tudor Flight   6. Tempest Flight (Band Flight)

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Cadet Flights – Previous

 1. Lynx Flight Lynx Flight is named after the Westland Lynx, a British multi-purpose military helicopter which was designed and built by Westland Helicopters. The Lynx went into operational usage in 1977, and has been adopted by the armed forces of over a dozen countries.There are multiple variants of the Lynx helicopter, which has been used in …

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RCACS Winter Dress Uniform

Cadet Uniform Care

Here’s some useful information that will enable your uniform to look it’s best…

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