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Cadet Uniform Care

Here’s some useful information that will enable your uniform to look it’s best…

RCACS FSgt Rank Badge

Air Cadet Badges

Squadron Shoulder Badge The Shoulder Badges are to be worn on both sleeves of the jacket only. The top of the badge is to be 2 cm below the shoulder upper seam.   Ranks Leading Air Cadet (LAC) Corporal (Cpl) Flight Corporal (FCpl) Sergeant (Sgt) Flight Sergeant (FSgt) Warrant Officer Second Class (WO2) Warrant Officer …

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RCACS Boot Lacing Instructions

Cadet Boot Care

Straight Across Method: No visible underlaces except at the top of the boot.   Parade Boot Polishing Technique: 1. Take your Kiwi polish and take the lid off. 2. Fill the lid with room temperature water. 3. Take your Kiwi cloth and wind part of it around your index finger. 4. Apply a generous coat …

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RCACS Female Haircut Directions

Cadet Hairstyles

Male Cadets: Hair shall be neatly groomed and conservatively styled. Bizarre or exaggerated styles or colours (green, purple, etc.) are not permitted. Male cadets will be clean shaven at all times when in uniform. Hair shall be taper trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears. It shall be kept free from the neck …

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Cadet Uniform Sleeves

Left Sleeve Badge Placement: Right Sleeve Badge Placement: You can click on the images above to see a higher resolution version of the uniform sleeves…

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Clothing Accessories

Backpacks: Civilian backpacks of a conservative pattern may be either carried in the left hand or worn suspended from both shoulders and square on the back. Civilian Clothing: Other than those specific items listed, civilian clothing shall not be worn combined with the cadet uniform. This includes, but is not limited to, civilian jackets and …

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RCACS Name Tag Placement

Uniform Parts

Headdresses: Headdresses shall be worn at all times in uniform except when eating, when in an eating establishment, or when in a place of worship. Headdress may also be removed while in transit on public transportation, but must be replaced before exiting the vehicle. Cadets travelling in uniform typically are expected to keep headdress on, …

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