Summer Training Information

During the summer the Air Cadet Program offers summer training courses to cadets. Transportation, housing, food and training are provided by the Department of National Defense (DND) at no charge. There are a number of different courses ranging in duration from two to six weeks for which cadets can apply if qualified. Successful graduates of a senior courses can apply for employment at select summer training CTC’s once they are 16 years of age.

There are plenty of choices so cadets should discuss their possibilities with an Officer to help ensure a successful career path. Summer Training Courses and Staff Cadet information are detailed in the flyers below.

Advanced Training Courses and International Exchanges are also available, but have more rigorous application procedures and requirements.

Applications for Advanced Training Courses and International Exchanges are due by the end of November.

Applications for Staff Cadet and other Training Courses are due by the start of January.

Air Cadet Course Flyer

Summer Training Application 2019-2020

Staff Cadet Flyer

Staff Cadet Application 2019-2020

TD1 Tax Form 2019 (Staff Cadets Only)

CTC Joining Instructions - Cadets -2020

Staff Cadets Handbook 2020

Glider Pilot & Power Pilot (Scholarships):

To ensure cadets have the best opportunity to attend these courses, cadets should speak to their Officers at an early age to plan how to attend these courses. Cadets are recommended to attend their Ground School Program and Effective Speaking Program.

Preparation Guide National Summer Courses

National Course Study Guide 2019

Power Pilot Joining Instructions 2019

Glider Pilot Joining Instructions 2019