Our 777 Neptune Family



777 Neptune squadron was formed in 2003 with 30 cadets and a few officers from 754 Phoenix Squadron. 777 held its first parade in January 2004 at James Park Elementary School. In May 2004 the Squadron was given its official name and number that it carries today.

The Squadron’s motto, “From the Ashes to the Blue”, was also officially adopted, symbolized by the logo which is the Neptune Maritime Patrol aircraft.

On September 24th 2004 the squadron received its official authorization from the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Director of Cadets in Ottawa.  Captain R.A. Lewis was appointed as the first Commanding Officer. Following this, on October 21, 2004 the squadron received its official charter and was presented with its official Banner by the Port Coquitlam Branch of The Elks Society of Canada.  In 2006 the squadron moved to its present location at Ecole des Pioneers de Maillardville.


777 Neptune Squadron is celebrating 15 years of being Chartered this October! The Squadron currently boasts over 150 cadets with five flights, a band, and a flag party. 777 Neptune squadron is open to all youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who would like to be part of Canada’s largest youth organization.  Our aim is to develop in youth good citizenship, leadership, promote physical fitness, and to stimulate and interest in aviation.

The Squadron has a variety of activities and teams for cadets such as First Aid, Effective Speaking, Precision Drill, Band, Biathlon, Range,Ground School and Sports Teams. Along with these 777 offers flying, gliding, camping, hiking, field trips, and sports nights.

The Program

777 Neptune meets every Wednesday evening and cadets are required to attend these mandatory training nights.  Cadets wear their uniforms to all activities unless otherwise directed and are expected to maintain a high standard of uniform dress and personal conduct since they represent our squadron and the Canadian Cadet Movement.

Promotions and selection for summer training are based on a cadet’s attendance, dress and deportment, conduct and participation in optional teams and activities.

Cadet training occurs each week from September to June while summer training from 2-6 weeks are available in July and August. Check the Training page for details of training and summer training opportunities.

During weekly training, cadets participate and learn drill, and drill instruction, general knowledge about cadets, physical fitness, leadership, instructional techniques, and effective speaking.  As well they learn about aircraft, airports, weather and, principles of flight.

The Squadron also offers a variety of other events and practices on other evenings and weekends which could include familiarization flying, sports, marksmanship, survival and leadership exercises, tours, parades, and fund-raising activities.

At the end of each training year a formal parade is held called the Annual Ceremonial Review. It is a chance to display what they have learned at Cadets and perhaps receive a variety of awards.


If you’re interested in joining 777 Neptune Squadron we accept applications between September 1st and March 31st of each year.  Youth interested in joining cadets after March 31st can be placed on a wait list for the following school year by contacting 777air@cadets.gc.ca . Please phone or visit us at the squadron or have a look at the How To Join page. 

More Information

If you would like more information about cadets and the various programs available, please visit the National Cadet Website where excellent information is available.